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Each year, OHSABC provides six $500 scholarships to student athletes. These scholarships are made possible through the generous donations of our sponsors, your membership, and purchases of Spirit Wear.

Scholarship applications open early in the second semester and close a couple of weeks before Senior Awards Night. Applications can be found directly outside of the Athletics Office or by using the link at the bottom of this page and turned into the Athletics Secretary.

Male and Female
Athlete of the Year

This scholarship is awarded to one male and one female who have been nominated by their coach.


Nominees for this award are recognized for their athletic accomplishments, leadership, character,  citizenship, and academic success.

Jack Blanton and
Anita Carlson Awards

The Jack Blanton Award is given to one male, and the Anita Carlson Award is given to one female who has either applied or been nominated for their respective scholarships.


Nominees for these awards demonstrate outstanding team leadership, sportsmanship, character, teamwork, and have contributed greatly to the success of their team(s) on and off the field. 

Click to download/print Application and return to Athletics Secretary by the deadline noted on the application. No applications will be accepted after that date.

Mikler-Norton Award

The Mikler-Norton Award is named after former Oviedo coaches, Paul Mikler and Mickey Norton. They are given to two student athletes who have either applied for or been nominated.

Nominees for these awards demonstrate knowledge of their sport, athletic success, leadership skills, and the ability to mentor their teammates. 

Previous Male and Female Athletes of the Year

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